Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Bring on the men in white coats

Okay, so I've caught a couple of episodes of 'Men In White'- that problem-solving group of scientists who appear on Sunday afternoons on Channel Four. But the thing is, if someone asked my opinion on it- I honestly could not say. So I've made a list:


Science being bought into the public domain

Science being shown to solve problems and make peoples lives better instead of what is usually portrayed by the media

Successes and failures are quite rightly shown as equally important

Gives an insight into how the scientific process works- testing hypotheses

Science is portrayed as creative and dynamic (which it is)

Shows don't have to be a 'Dr' to be a scientist

Love the whole 'Heath Robinson' vibe


Male scientists in white coats-fuelling a stereotype?

Is is a fun or a dangerous concept that the MiW work from a 'secret bunker' away from the rest of society-like in films?

Touch too self-sure? i.e 'trust me I'm a scientist' (look at the MiW Top 10 to see what I mean) but maybe that has something to do with point 1...... Seriously though, isn't both the most exciting and challenging thing about science that viewpoints and theories are constantly being challenged and the overwhelming realisation that there is so much we don't know?

The bad jokes. C'mon lads if you want to get 'down with the kids' you're going to have to come up with better material than:

Two atoms are walking down the street.

One of them says "I think I've just lost an electron"

The other says, "Are you positive?"


What do you think? Answers on a postcard please!


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