Friday, July 13, 2007

Seashore Cities Should Use Deep Sea Cooling Strategies

Should metropolises near the coast that have got steep driblet offs as the land recedes into the sea usage deep sea bagpipe as a chilling scheme for their air-conditioning systems? We cognize many metropolises by the sea, such as as Los Angeles have got to cover with high-energy utilize from all the air-conditioning units of measurement of citizens, but what if a metropolis used deep sea cooling, can you conceive of how much energy they might save?

Many countries usage geo-thermal heat or use geothermal to powerfulness up steam engines to do electricity. It do sense to utilize that in parts with belowground heat, to turn it into energy or usage it as heat energy energy in colder climates. Are this an thought to assist kerb United States from dodo fuels? Well in world it could only be less than 8% of our energy needs, so it is no existent option for the United States and our monolithic usage.

Nevertheless, a coast metropolis along the Ring of Fire on the Pacific Ocean might be able to utilize both geo-thermal heat for powerfulness and deep sea temperatures for cooling. Personally, for the United States Iodine am interested in the hereafter of clean coal engineerings to cut down the S and CO2 issues, etc. and believe that in the hereafter these schemes will help us in cleansing the air.

In some countries in our nation, GeoThermal schemes do sense? We make have got some geothermal use here that plant quite well as a niche for specific regions, namely Western States near tectonic plates and countries of World agitation below the surface. In topographic points like Chile, Elevation Salvador, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, CA, it makes do sense for "Some" or a constituent of the sum energy mix.

Shouldn't we also look into deep sea chilling to help us in our energy premix to cut down our monolithic use and demands of our civilization? I trust you will see this in your Think Tank.

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